Our primary focus is growing and exporting of fresh, fruits and vegetables from Egypt to different destinations of the world while maintaining a robust value chain system from growing, harvest and postharvest handling, ensuring high quality products are delivered to our clients.


Our unique location gives Gouda Company in Egypt an advantage to supply to our clients all year round.

We have an excellent understanding of all fruits and vegetables we grow,. Water quality is a main focus for gouda farm in achieving safe produce.


Our product range mainly includes citrus ,grapes , pomegranate , strawberry , pepper , iceberg , onions , garlic , potatoes , cabbage , cauliflower , cherry tomatoes and broccoli….ETC . All our fresh products are hygienically packed and specially customized to the customer’s preference and requirements.


We are committed to adhering to internationally recognized standards for food safety e.g. HACCP, Global Gap, BRC food, sedex . For more quality control we engage recognized third party certification bodies to demonstrate compliance in the value chain and Good Agricultural Practices.