Who We Are

Gouda family business have been working in the field of agriculture since ancient times, and we have shifted from the cultivation stage only to the export stage since 1981.

We started exporting to the Arab countries and then headed to Europe, today we have become one of the largest farmers, packers and exporters in this field.

We export to a lot of retailer, companies and supermarkets in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the Far East.

We work in a wide range of fruits, vegetables, frozen and canned products, and we always strive to develop and increase our products to meet the market demand.


 We always strive to provide the best service in terms of speed, quality and reliability to customers through some factors:

      People: We always choose the best people and use global expertise to Provide the highest quality standards of our products.

     Products: We use irrigation methods and modern technology in agriculture and are working to implement them in our farms, and we control the transportation and packaging process to ensure obtaining the highest quality of our products.

       Partners:  We choose our partners carefully and establish long-term partnerships with them to ensure the highest quality of raw materials.

     Service: We meet the needs of global markets and develop our products to ensure customer satisfaction, and then consumers.


  • We always strive to be the most reliable company in the field of exporting fruits and vegetables all over the world.
  • We are always working on developing and increasing the number of our products to meet the needs of global markets.
  • We are always working to improve the manufacturing process and ensure the quality of raw materials in order to provide the best quality for the final product.
  • We always strive to remain the best service in terms of speed, quality and reliability, which ensures that we always remain at the forefront.